the nursery

Yes, nursery! Hence my long blog silence (babies are time-consuming, guys…)

I never felt like I really had a complete “nursery” to post because we didn’t do the whole fancy-crib-with-floofy-bedding pinterest thing. The room was pretty much empty. We aren’t so much into that whole “baby” look and wanted something gender and age neutral that could grow with him and/or his future siblings. I assembled and stained an ikea dresser to use as a changing table and hung some curtains that I’d already bought but never got around to. The changing pad and rocking chair actually didn’t arrive until after he was born, so these were my “pre-baby” photos:



For the next few months it became a space to fold clean laundry and, well, accumulate piles. It’s a small room and I tried to keep furnishings and clutter minimal for when he began toddling and needed a dog-free area, but in the meantime it was just a place to rock him to sleep and change his diaper.


Oh yeah, diapers. We use cloth and I kept seeing people online ask for cute storage ideas. I tried to remind myself to take updated photos because I think this works really well for our small space.


Being that our house is pretty small (~1300 sqft give or take) and closet space is at a premium, we decided to have M’s clothes live in the nursery closet. After all, how many hanging clothes does a baby have? We have these nifty built in closets which optimize space but really are best for grown up sized clothing. But inside the doors of the closet? That’s where the party is.


Seriously look how colorful and cheery they are! The side closest to the changing table has covers on bottom and nighttime diapers on top.


The right side has all-in-ones as well as my custom serenity cover, a few I’m keeping NIP for now, and wetbags and flour sack towels on top. All the components are Elfa from the Container Store and hang on the door with a clip so there was no drilling required. they would work on any closet or entry door.


In the top dresser drawer are the wipes and inserts. Second drawer holds clothes (not pictured because it’s a mess).


The third drawer has prefolds, fitteds, and pajamas.


So yeah, I tried pretty much every kind of diaper just to see what would work best for us. The tray on the changing table has eczema cream, a pump bottle of water for the wipes, and coconut oil in a soap dish.


Oh, uh, and the rest of the room is super cool too. The chair is from Rocker Refined and was a very generous gift from M’s grandmother. The leather waterfall end tables were a local vintage find… I love how they’re relatively childproof but still look inviting and warm. The glass balloons on the ceiling were purchased in Venice on our babymoon and I thought added a nice “Up” touch to the subtle travel theme, as well as a pop of color to possibly the most monochromatic nursery ever.



Behind the rocker is his little starter library which I’m sure will be expanding rapidly.


The blue settee and hedgehog lamp (both also visible in the pre-baby photos) aren’t quite kid-friendly but we don’t leave him in here alone so they haven’t been an issue yet.


And just for the sake of blog transparency, this is the other side of the room. Sigh. I’m going to order some bookshelf-style shelving for those stuffed toys and get rid of the gray end tables. The lotus crib thing has never actually been slept in but maybe it will someday. A girl can hope, right?


So there you have it. Still lots of progress to be made but we’re really enjoying it so far!



Dining Room Progress

Although the dining room totally wasn’t at the top of my list of worries, it does happen to be an easy starting point. The whole room was just kind of boring. Dreary gray walls, a window facing into our neighbor’s kitchen, and a yawn-worthy (yet cute) built-in. Since I hadn’t painted anything in a while, I thought this would be a good place to dig in!


First things first, the built-in (behind the open patio door in the above photo– I suck at “before” pictures…). Before I even unpacked, I was painting this guy. It is so adorable and I’ve always dreamt of having one! In order to make my mostly-light-colored ceramics pop, I chose a dark navy blue (Behr Nocturne Blue #HDC-CL-28)



I didn’t prime, so it took about 4 coats, which was stupid. This is why we start on small projects :). I also removed all the doors, sanded, repainted, and cleaned the glass, which had so many layers of grime and paint, I needed acetone and a razor blade.






I soaked the hardware overnight in baking soda and hot water, and the following morning the paint just fell right off and revealed gorgeous polished brass! Well that was easy!





Probably the quickest and easiest improvement so far! I quickly polished them up with some Simichrome and they look killer. 

IMG_9240 IMG_9241

I put everything back together and touched up the white trim with Behr Snow Fall (#W-F-600), and then filled ‘er up! The arrangement isn’t right yet… I need more storage in this room to hide some of the more boring pieces and accumulate some new white ceramic things (animals, hopefully!) that will pop.


Next order of business was the dark walls. This room doesn’t get the best light in the house, which is pretty amazing considering the two large doors to the patio and the full-sized window. But it faces west directly into our fence and a neighboring house, and north into our yard. So the dark gray was a little… sad. I went with light, bright, BM Revere Pewter (#HC-172)… which I guess is what everyone is painting everything right now. Once it was on the walls I kind of hated it. It’s growing on me, so we’ll see if it stays or not. I wanted to keep the color neutral so we could do something fun with the art and lighting in here… but in this lighting, the greige is more beige than gray.



And an outtake… the puppy decided that she needed to go out at this exact moment. Or maybe she was trying to model for me?


All this paint plus a new dining set… I think we’re really making progress. I got a shipping notification for our new chandelier yesterday and can’t wait to put it up and finish up the room! Eventually I’m planning on having a carpenter complete some woodwork so the built-in will go to the ceiling (which would mask our new amazing Sonos speaker) and we’ll add some crown molding throughout the whole house.



❤ v