Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

One of the reasons I initially dragged M to this open house was this closet. In older houses, closet space is like gold, and most of what’s out there looks more suited to a torture chamber than a nice home. Sure, we could add Elfa components like we did in Sutton, but the fact that these closets were already rehabbed meant that a previous owner had put some extra time and thought into their living arrangement, so I convinced him it was worth a look. (Previous owner’s belongings in photos below)



Skip forward three months and we still love the master closet. The sliding barn door is so much more space efficient than having a door that swings out into the (small) room, and the combination of double rods and lots of drawers means we can actually share a closet without mangling each other’s belongings (when the door is closed, there are two more rows of tall drawers). The rest of the room kind of lays itself out. If you don’t want to block a window, you have to put the bed exactly where they did, and for us the dog crate fills the remainder of the room, where the previous owners kept a small dresser.

But the room still felt kind of un-homey, so here’s what I’m thinking for customizing and warming it up it a little:


1. Paint it blue! This is basically my default for any bedroom. We had a red brick bedroom years ago and, while it was very nice for about a month, began to drive us crazy. It just wasn’t calming and made both of us feel anxious– something that you don’t really need in the bedroom. This ocean-y shade (Behr Provence Blue #HDC-AC-23) is a bit darker than our Sutton bedroom, but the idea is the same.

2. Add a tufted headboard! Actually, this one is kind of fake since we already have this headboard from Overstock. If you’re considering ordering it, beware– it really needs to be on a carpeted surface or else it won’t stay steady (lots of creaking and cracking in both rooms we’ve put it in). We also replaced the flimsy slats that the mattress sits on with a solid piece of plywood from Home Depot. (photo is of the similar Grid Tufted Headboard from West Elm)

3. Fun curtains! You can’t really tell in the photo above, but this room is the only one in the house to come with built in blinds. They’re the cheapy kind but still do the job. Kinda. Lots of light gets through which is normally ok, but I always like to have the option to darken a bedroom (other migraine sufferers will understand this plight), and I can’t resist adding a nice pattern to a simple room. These dotted chevron curtains are from West Elm.

4. A mirror! Normally, the place for this would be inside the closet door… but that doesn’t work in this space. This one from CB2 is ok, but I might keep my eye out for something vintage instead.

5. Reading lights! We have an outlet behind the bed, so I thought these Ikea sconces would be the perfect custom-looking additions. No need for any electrical work, but the bottoms of the cords will still be hidden by the bedside tables and the bed itself. With a super low-wattage bulb, M will be able to read in bed without me yelling at him. I hope.

6. Custom drawer pulls! As much as I love our custom full-wall closet, I hate the pulls. Between all three bedrooms, there are nearly three dozen massive ugly Ikea pulls and knobs. Since part of my goal is to bring this house back to it’s 1928 glory, brushed stainless modern pulls are not going to suffice. But pulls this large are fantastically expensive– the ones in the bedroom are 7″ and 16″ center to center, and most decent looking pulls that size are in the $50-200 range. That’s ~$2000-7000 to replace something most people won’t even notice. Yeah, no thanks. So this past weekend I tested spray painting one of the extra SNEJD pulls with black Krylon Duo, to try and give it a powder coated look. It’s actually pretty sweet. The black-on-white look is becoming a theme (this room is right next to the bathroom) and is an easy, nearly free, weekend project.

7. Artwork! As a (former) screenprinter, I love putting handmade work anywhere that I can. Especially epic handmade work from a studio in Brooklyn that embraces M’s love of New York’s Dutch past (oh hey, we live in a Dutch Colonial, isn’t that cute?). I first saw this Pop Chart Lab piece in Anna’s bathroom over at Door Sixteen, and snagged one of the last remaining ones on their Etsy page.

I’m liking this mood board thing and might do a few more for other rooms, but I promise we’re making actual progress and I’ll have updated photos soon. Yay!

❤ v


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