Kitchen Inspiration

Like the other rooms, the kitchen in the new house isn’t particularly gross or terrible. It’s a kitchen. It was done probably in the 90’s and the cabinets were painted white relatively recently (probably when the appliances were updated). It’s fine. I can cook a meal there. The light is good. Otherwise, it’s kind of a yawn.


When I look in, all I can think are the obnoxious couples on House Hunters exclaiming “stainless steel appliances! granite counters! … love the white cabinets!”… while I sit on my TV at home grumbling that they are the problem.


Every kitchen in America doesn’t need to be identical. There is no reason for stainless in here– it honestly looks kind of cheap and already outdated. It just screams “default choice!”… I actually dig the black dishwasher and wish the other appliances matched that. Also, the cabinets are 2” from reaching the ceiling which As soon as I can get a carpenter in here (or just some 2x2s and a hand saw), these babies will extend to the ceiling. No reason at all for that terrible dust-catching gap.


Meanwhile, the fridge wall is just kind of awkward. I guess they couldn’t find a matching upper cabinet, so somebody had the genius idea to mount this particleboard open shelf from Ikea. Once again– does not fit the house at all. Does not reach the ceiling. Does not allow for space above to actually be used for things. Can you tell this has been peeving me since we first walked in the house??

I’d really like to restore this back to a dutch colonial revival vibe, so here’s my plan/inspiration:

All pulls and knobs switched out. Cast iron or oil rubbed bronze bin pulls? Or something equally rustic. Leaded glass seems to be traditional for a house this age (we have some in the dining room), but I’m not sold yet.

Rip out that Ikea corner shelf and add some open shelving– perhaps with rustic wood and dark metal.

Add some beadboard. The bathrooms already have it, and I don’t feel like dealing with a tile backsplash (nor do I think it’s period appropriate).

Rip out the laminate-topped peninsula and find some rustic/recycled wood to make it a real usable island. Would also love to find a cabinet to fit under the kitchen side, for extra storage.

Paint the cabinets? White just bugs me. I honestly wish they were a wood tone. But since they’re already painted, maybe a light blue, gray, or black.

M likes the light fixtures, I think they look cheap. If I had my way, they would be brass and black enamel, like these:

In my dream world I’d love to also replace the sink (the enamel has worn off and it’s a bizarre bisque color that doesn’t match anything, plus it’s tiny), but that sounds like something I have to wait a while for.

I think that’s it! Wish me luck 🙂

❤ v


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