Bathroom Inspiration

So technically, the new house is in such good shape, I feel kind of bad calling any room a “problem”. But the bathroom must have been renovated in a rush sometime in the 90’s/00’s because… egh. The (non-original) bathtub has been surrounded by a linoleum bath fitter, the walls have maybe had some water damage and have been painted a super dark, glossy brown (which turns the large room into a cave), and the leaky, rotting pedestal sink just doesn’t do it for me. It’s the only full bathroom in the house, and there is no storage whatsoever other than the little linen closet on the left wall. The original medicine cabinet is a nice touch but doesn’t provide all the space we need, so we have to get creative.


Aside from stylistically not being our taste (polished nickel fixtures, dark color, Home Depot lighting) it is also lacking function. The right towel bar sits awkwardly close to the toilet and the towel ring too close to the sink. The nook to the left of the shower is also a problem– I have a feeling the Ikea Expedit wasn’t the storage unit of choice in 1928, but it’s an awkwardly sized space so finding a better solution for it will be a challenge. The wainscotting is also in bad shape, as is all of the original hardware. Hopefully I can get it all back to original– or at least working— condition.


Here’s what I’m thinking for our large kinda shabby bathroom with potential (all images link to source/pinterest):

Sand down the walls, paint a different color. Since the white wainscotting is definitely staying, maybe a clean, bright sky blue?

The trim in the whole house is staying bright white and any metal fixtures will be oil rubbed bronze or brass. To keep with that clean and modern, yet vintage and original look, I think the sconces in here need to be black and white porcelain.

And then a vintage nod with the overhead light. Either a colorful farmhouse pendant or a piece of recycled crystal?

The tub is kind of odd. Definitely need to remove the linoleum covering. If the tub itself is in good condition, we can just put in some new rock and tile around the area. I’d like to move the showerhead from the left side to the right so that we can take down that false wall and open up the space a little (no reason to have that wall there)… We could be an industrial window kind of thing? Is that insanely the wrong style? It’s definitely not cottagey but there’s something vintage/deco about it.

If the tub isn’t usable, I’d love to replace it with a pedestal tub and a separate glass shower. A clawfoot would be too ornamental/victorian for this house, but a super sleek pedestal would be amazing.

I want to keep as much of the vintage charm as possible, which includes buying new old fixtures to replace the Home Depot cheapo crap, and finding some new furniture to fit the space better than the previous owner’s Expedit.

That’s all I got for now. Updates and progress photos coming soon!!


❤ v


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